Ico COnsulting & Auditing

We evaluate your assignment structure as an ico, and use our preceding instances to make your ico release a success at the same time auditing thoroughly all the required aspects to build the sound structure and run the things in step-wise manner according to the plan.

Whitepaper Report

Our professional team make a whole analysis of your whitepaper to ensure it consists of all of the required information about the venture, the challenge, group, roadmap, MVP or something else. At the end we give you a technical sound whitepaper which includes all inclusive of all of the required things in a simple and straight manner.

Project Explainer

Video Blogging, is a wonderful and the best manner to ramp up your blog, it’s best for conducting cutting-edge audience. We make compelling video content material to multiply the effectiveness of your messaging inclusive of all of the required facts. So that audience can understand your project in a comprehensive manner even if it’s short and simple.

Ico Listing

Ico list structures are one of the initial degrees to recognize about new undertaking for the traders. We will list your ICO at the pinnacle ICO listing web sites to capture every different audience base for the project.

Press Release

A press launch is a brief, compelling information tale written to the media. They appeal to investors, commercial enterprise companions and construct exposure for the venture in news, crypto, regional and top class websites.

Investors Outreach

Don’t know where your investors will be coming from.? Preventing geographies or regions you can not cover, We set your audience targeting and then reach them anywhere and everywhere to make sure the investors get liberated on your project.

Maintaining ORM

Our team monitors, and mitigate search engine result pages and mentions in online media, and web content material to create and come up with all your effective evaluations, destroying the bad ones. It is of extraordinary significance for target audience to reveal how the project looks on internet.

Community Building

Our crew works closer to the enhancement of your community among people inside a focused vicinity and come up with humans having a commonplace interest in your project. Communities helps the mission to build the acceptance of the team and the project with transparency between the community people.

Bounty Management

It has emerged as some thing of a tradition for the ICO campaigns, they come up with the desired momentum at the start. We create and promote your bounties for the maximum outcome through going viral among the bounty hunters to get that extra organic target audience for your product.

Blog Management

Blogs are the spine of every ICO. They talk your project, vision, crew, media and much greater to the target market and ability customers. We make exceptional strategies, set idealization and creative questioning to provide you top-rated content at the same time while making sure that the content reaches your target market.

Content Marketing

Our professional content material writers make your marketing game even greater robust with consisting of all of the required key phrases, professional texts and the tremendous catchy headlines required to your press launch or for your content material advertising and marketing to make the effective influence at the task target market.


Email Marketing

We ship your direct message to target audience via e-mail advertising. Send your messages to all the crypto enthusiasts. Drive Conversions, Promote Content, Get Brand Awareness and Generate Leads.

Display Advertisements

Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Investors with your Banner. We sell your project on pinnacle excessive class crypto platform with you banner/show advertisements, sharing your promotional links or by making you the sponsored one and doing re-marketing on that platform.

Youtube Highlights

Yup, Youtube influencers have huge impact on ICOs and those do search for critiques of the modern and upcoming ico’s on youtube. We promote your ico on the hottest youtube channels with the required critiques and make your project feature in their videos to setup your mark on the platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been one of the most powerful tools for ICOs to gain a following and bring value to their projects.We highlight your project to the targeted audience on social media and grow your channels with the required traffic to make us stand in the market.

Event Promotion

Every ico goes through several occasions whether it is live interviews, conferences, ceremonies or any other case. We promote your event on social media and on the internet to ensure that your event can bring you as much advantage as it is required.

Search-Engine Optimization

What’s better than getting highlighted in the front page of google. Our experienced seo team targets required keywords and optimize your search results to make you rank on the first page of google to get direct ROI and the conversions for your project.

Post Ico Services

ICO phase gets over, road map continues and vision is always to the masses, we create your post ico game plan with a focus on complete operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on management and control.


The market has been changing since Bitcoin was at ATH, that is why less number of ico’s are surviving after the ico phase. It’s been more hard to reach the potential investors with just having a good project. You have to highlight your project in front of them to get investments. They have been smart now, they check your internet and audience presence as well, to make sure the project will run hassle free in long run. And none of them can survives solo neither sound project nor sound marketing/exposure.

A good project and a visionary team->A well explained and working MVP-> Approval from the communities-> Build Good exposure for the project.

Well, there’s no such things as ideal, different projects have different needs some has strong project and lower hard cap while some has weak project and sometimes much higher hard cap and vice-versa. The basic budget which we recommend is at-least 10K $, which can move upto 200K $.

Ensure you’re  building a utility token. Build the required and demanding exposure for the project. OnePager is the demand don’t forget it. Make sure you’re marketing initiatives are right. Offer full transparency about everything the team, the distribution & allocation etcetera. Build a well explained and technically strong whitepaper. Choose your Audience wisely.

Illustrate the ways your ICO is legit. Keep the conversation going by increasing visibility on all fronts. Don’t try to make money, try to be useful to the crypto/blockchain community. Make sure it’s useful for the masses. Setup your audience target and audience targeting strategy very wisely.


Lavish Jindal

CEO & Project Manager

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Sahil Raheja

COO & Relationship Manager

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Dr. Rachika Gangwani

Content & PR Manager

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Business Developer

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Head of Sales

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